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Farmer Speaker advocate


Cherilyn Nagel, along with her husband David and family, grow durum wheat, chick peas, canola and lentils on a family farm in Mossbank SK, Canada. Noted as one of Saskatchewan’s Most Influential Women, Cherilyn enjoys promoting stories of agricultural successes and has been recognized for her efforts and passion for making positive changes in the agriculture sector.


She was interviewed in the new documentary “License to Farm”, which is meant to encourage other farmers to share their stories with the public.


Cherilyn has also been featured in the book "Farmwives 2" which is an inspiring look at the lives of Canadian farm wives. Click here for more information

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In addition, she participated in the “Barbie: You Can Be Anything” Mentorship program and spent the day with a young girl who dreams of being a farmer when she grows up.

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Cherilyn has been featured with Canadian chef Michael Smith where he experiences farm life first-hand with the Nagel Family.


Cherilyn and her family have also appeared in an episode of Canadian Better Living, on the topic of pesticide use and the promotion of plant biotechnology:


Wheat Growers Director Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel talks with Danielle Smith. Discussion starts at the 4:02 mark:


 In November 2018, Cherilyn spoke with Spokane County, Wash., farmers about how to engage with consumers.


Cherilyn also was featured in a “Business News Network Interview”: